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Reformed Operator

May 5, 2022

Anti-Revolution Part II: The Death of the Author

This episode was recorded two months ago. Now, it's here. Another discussion about 4th Generation Warfare: how it's played out in the past and how it's playing out now through information warfare (note that this episode was recorded prior to recent events over the last week). 

The Death of the Author is a postmodern critical perspective that removes all authorial intent, and turns books to just strings of words. The author ceases to be meaningful, and meaning becomes your own reality. It's a key root in deconstruction. 

The Revolution is breaking your will, penetrating the church, attributing sin to systems, and stealing the culture. What now? 

We open with the story of Richard Wurmbrand who founded "the Voice of the Martyrs." You can watch his story in the Torchlighters Cartoon Series with your kids. 

Pravda, Worship, and Warfare

-The Author and Authority

-Pravda and Truth

-Worship and Warfare

-And another visit with Uncle Francis Turretin

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2 Tim 3:5

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