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Reformed Operator

Nov 5, 2020

Reformed. Jolly. Salty. Spicy. Long. But so worth it.

A long caveat on the Overton Window:

SPICY ALERT: Part of our Goal here at Reformed Operator is to open the Overton window, and by that we mean reforming the window to somewhere reasonable. In a culture dead-set on never being offended, we need to discuss things that are offensive to a culture offended by Christ. The term Patriarchy gets a bad rap because of twisted men abusing it. The way we understand biblical patriarchy is covenantal headship stemming from the difference in nature of men and women. RO does not reject complementarianism, but rather some of the unique sects emerging i.e., “thin comp.” We argue that “thin comp” creates unbiblical intersectional distinctions driven by gross caricatures. Most of the examples given in this episode stem from several episodes of a popular women’s theology podcast. Their understanding is driven by intersectional distinctions that drive at voluntary roles and a bizarre idealism, rather than driven by distinct natures and duties. Feminism has created a straw man of the scriptural understanding of patriarchy and is dangerously close to removing the term completely from the church, effectively making something that is used in scripture into a heinous caricature. Ultimately demeaning scripture by perverting hermeneutics through dialectical idealism and shifting the system of covenantal headship in a “progressive” way. We don’t believe the term patriarchy should be surrendered to abusers and we understand the recoil of some at the mere mention of the word. Thus ends our qualification, now go get a water. It’s about to get spicy.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions email us at or reach out to us on twitter.

Everyone's favorite passage in scripture! 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. Shots Fired. It's a 4 out of 5 jalapeño on the SPICY!!!!! scale. Dave’s guest this week is Pastor Sean of The Response Church- who came on to discuss a topic hotter than election (or the presidential race). 

Yes, we went there! You guessed it! Our episode name is a pun poking fun at two "Thin Complementarian" books and a bonus head coverings reference.  

They run the gauntlet, head (re)coverings, authority, submission, servant lordship, and some spicy asides that might stun you. 

Sean (and Baptist Dave) holds to the Textus Receptus or "Received Text view."

Check out "The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies" 

We smash the common complaints against the "Father Rule" laid out in scripture. The flames of the Straw People rise high. Domestic abuse? Weird views on the Lord's Supper? 

-Patriarchy as (Presby) Dave and Sean understand it has taken some hard hits. It's sloppy, and often completely misused, abused, and taken to extremes. Their argument? Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
Patriarchy could also be called simply covenantal headship. The man is the head of the home and is the breadwinner. 

-Complementarianism (a synthesis, or golden mean, of sorts) is currently splitting into two camps according to the trends:

THICK- Men and Women have distinct natures that give forth roles (or duties)

THIN- Men and Women have distinct but voluntary roles. These roles are voluntary and are categorized as "should" not must. 

-Egalitarianism Simply put, this is androgyny. Men and women are the same and can do as they please. There is no distinction in capacity in the church or home. 

Sean throws in a Baptist Catechism for use in your household if you feel the inclination.

You can find Dave's recommended Children's Catechism here. Reformed Operator discriminates, but not too hard on our 1689 pals. The missing members from Sean's Baptist Church rolls aren't actually dead people... they're Presbyterians (we stole them)! 

We talk status and value in the world's eyes. What is true glory?

We talk Westminster Larger Catechism with selections from between 123-133. 

Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IFB) takes heavies all around. 

Dave gives a crash course on Hegel's Dialectical Idealism, Marx's Dialectical Materialism. The postmodern assault on faithful biblical hermeneutics is put on notice.

ESV takes heavies for its μαλακοὶ translation. (See 1 Cor 6:9 where'd effeminate go?)

The baptists go back to Calvin to bring "libidinous" back into the conversation. Ask your doctor about your libidinous. 

Dave busts out some parity in the federal (covenantal) government systems, military, common law, and the christian life. 

Get after it, men. You need to die daily and lovingly honor your wife  while protecting, honoring, cherishing, and serving her. 

Dave also started our twitter awhile back and has some clever Dog Whistle commentary. 

Don't be better with balls than a bible, football fans. Dave mentions the origins of fan, fanatic, and fanum. You can't call cadence with the church if you aren't in one. Don't be a coward at home. We know it's hard, but we also know you don't take excuses. You just get after it. 

You need the finished work of Christ by grace through faith. Pray. Strive. Stand Firm. Get in a church now.