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Reformed Operator

Jan 25, 2022

The revolution wants to detonate the Nuclear Family. The fallout will be horrendous for decades to come.

The Key Topics we discuss

Family: Detonation of the Family by the revolution

Freemasonry: What is it and should a Christian be one?

Francis Turretin: Introduction to Volume 1 of the Institutes of Elenctic Theology (one of the best theology books you can get that you've never heard of)


We discuss the most important theologian of the 19th century.


The Word of the day is Obfuscation

         “To throw into the shadow, darken, to make obscure”

Clip from MSNBC

RL Dabney once said “I am the Cassandra of Yankeedom predestined to prophesy truth and never to be believed.”

A ridiculous, arguably satirical piece, the fruit of the seed of Karl Marx


Note the commie buzzwords in the article



Link to the Communist manifesto 

Black Lives Matter

         Also wants to abolish the nuclear family


Marxists believe hierarchy is bad

Check out Sovereign Nations/New Discourses (which ironically just released an episode on the “theology of marxism” shortly after we recorded this episode!


Mao’s “4 olds” that had to die in his “cultural revolution”:

Old Habits, Old Customs, Old Culture, Old ways of thinking


Gramsci’s 5 Pillars of Culture:

Family, Education, Religion, Media, Law


Think about reform, not revolution.

To build a strong family your marriage not only should, but must be centered around the Word of God, and hermetically sealed against the current culture of divorce, adultery, pornography and abortion. 

Gad Saad apology for knowing Jordan Peterson

The Books we recommend from this episode:

Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin

Dabney on Fire by R.L. Dabney edited and introduced by Zach Garris

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

Brainwashing by Edward Hunter

Explaining postmodernism by Stephen R. C. Hicks