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Reformed Operator

Jan 3, 2021

Note this well. It may seem peculiar that Dave started this episode with prayer. This is not for vainglory, this is not to make a show, we're trying to do all we do with prayer. All we have is a gift from God. We can do nothing without the Triune God of scripture. He is not the politician’s God. We must serve the living and True God! There is no point to starting any of this without first crying out to the mediator Jesus Christ. You cannot do anything here in this world without first going to God. If you came here for Good advice, this will help- but it won’t save you. For that you need the Good news.


That being said...

Here's some advice

Habits are the foundation for what men do. Habits are incredibly effective.

The most important Habit for fathers aiming at the future is family worship. 

It goes without saying that the first habit must be reading God’s Word, praying, and making every use of the ordinary means of grace.



Habits will not save you. Obviously, word, sacrament, and prayer take priority. Good habits are a help to a better life along the way. 

Pray. If you're married, pray with and talk with your wife. Wash her in the Word.

Stop making excuses

Stop Being lazy with sin.

Do Robert Murray M’Cheynne’s reading plan

(available in the back of the Reformation Heritage Study Bible)

Get a day planner. A physical pen and paper. Write things in it. Aim at something to build.

You're heard it everywhere. Make your bed. Start your day by doing something simple and beneficial. Starting with something orderly is the key to being able to delay the gratification of urges and desires throughout the rest of the day. 


Joel Beeke’s Family Worship Bible Guide HERE

The Reformation Heritage Study Bible (lowest price option) HERE

The Reformation Study Bible HERE

Matthew Henry’s Commentary HERE