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Reformed Operator

Nov 13, 2020

Watch out, it gets spicy again! For this Episode, RO Actual, aka Dave hosts Pastor Joel Webbon: founding Pastor of The Response Church, President of Right Response Ministries. He’ll be leading a team to plant Covenant Bible Church in Hutto, Texas early next year. Pastor Joel is also a Reformed Baptist holding to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession. 

SPICY!!!! We hit four Jalapeños again. Pastor Joel lays out much of the state of evangelical preaching. It’s been weighed and often found wanting. Either being woke’s righteousness or neo-antinomian nonsense, aka the particular bane of the young restless, reformed church (A29 especially, looking at you- Matt Chandler). Hipster church has become too concerned with being cool. Jesus wasn't peddling pumpkin spice or Eric Mason in the lobby. 

As much as we love logos, we should love The Logos more. 

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Joel talks about Milk and Meat. Most pastors now preach a warm glass of milk, maybe a sweet milkshake, or, perhaps milquetoast-ery in lieu of any meat. Joel warns of the dangers of getting cute with Jesus by turning him into Palestinian Mr. Rogers

Preaching gathers the sheep and scatters the wolves and goats. 

What odor does your sermon emit? Do goats and wolves feel comfortable? Do sheep get fed? Are we satisfying itching ears or souls?

Dave warns of the bribe of the approval of man, citing Lot as an example. 

Preaching is worship, and it should firstly exalt, bless and glorify God. It is the tip of the spear of worship. The pastor is also preaching to the people. Preaching is for the purity and protection of the church. 

Joel asserts that the preacher says, "God's word applies to you! Repent! ...We preach to sheep, to people, to nations, and even principalities and powers, we are crying out to see heaven brought to earth." 

Joel talks a little on a twofold purpose and a threefold audience. 

Who is to preach according to God's Word? Joel proceeds to answer this question with a series of Biblical texts. Only men are called to preach, and "you gotta want it." Joel talks some about internal and external call. 

1 Timothy 3:1-7,  Titus 1:5-16

We talk a little about the fruit of the spirit. Spoiler alert, they're not hammers, nails, or screwdrivers. They're a package deal. 

We also talk about holding the line, and knowing what the standard is and where to find it. 

A final trumpet blast to those who are unwilling to bear the standard, draw lines, speak up, or have been lead astray by vain philosophy. 

Go be bold and zealous. Remember to be and not merely seem. 

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