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Reformed Operator

Jan 8, 2022

Bishop James Ussher wrote "A Body of Divinity" in 1645, you may remember Ussher as the guy who calculated the approximate day of creation according to some incredible mathematical precision. 

Read this material over at The Daily Genevan

Jan 7, 2022

Let it be known, PBR had a creaky chair. They don’t make chairs like they used to anymore. 


//Jolly Work


Stop working for the weekend

Book Recommendations:

The Masculine Mandate Richard D. Phillips

The Works of William Perkins Volume 10

Section on Vocation


//Juking Jabs


Can/should I take...

Nov 15, 2021

Quit killing time. A Narration and commentary of the Essay "Killing Time" with some practical tips. For more check out

A link to the Ghosts, Death, and Dust Essay. 

Oct 27, 2021

Deconstruction is death. Whatever happened to heroes? Should I have dark humor?


Is it wrong to desire greatness for you?


Why have heroes? Should we have them?


There are many different types of heroes, but how should we live?


Is there a way to view heroes?


Watch The Four Feathers

Oct 7, 2021

You can find the full Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn essay here, and we hope you get to know and apply it well. When all seems lost, we can remain committed to live not by lies. We know Jesus Christ, and therefore we know the Truth. 


Solzhenitsyn was illegally raised a Christian, became a devout atheist marxist, and joined...