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Reformed Operator

May 31, 2021

IGM. I got mine. You did your work, now it's someone else's problem. The retirement mentality. The Ronin mentality. The Neville Chamberlain mentality of Peace for our time. 


What's wrong with the retirement mentality? Check out Don't Waste Your Life


Dave and Kyle briefly discuss Memorial Day with a brief...

May 19, 2021

The bribery of comfort.



Taking a bribe distorts your judgment. Worldly comfort distorts your judgment. Worldly comfort is a bribe to churchmen. Death to Comfort. The left is destroying much of what is good.


Are you afraid of the faces of men? Do you fear man or God?


A slippery serpent sneaks his whispers in....

May 4, 2021

This time we have another guest on the show.


Zach Garris, Author of “Masculine Christianity” and Editor of “Dabney on Fire: A Theology of Parenting, Education, Feminism, and Government” joins us to talk patriarchy, feminism, and the influence intersectionality, feminism, and intersectional feminism has had in...