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Reformed Operator

Jan 25, 2022

The revolution wants to detonate the Nuclear Family. The fallout will be horrendous for decades to come.

The Key Topics we discuss

Family: Detonation of the Family by the revolution

Freemasonry: What is it and should a Christian be one?

Francis Turretin: Introduction to Volume 1 of the Institutes of Elenctic Theology...

Jan 21, 2022

Citizenship in a Republic, the greatest speech you've never read. You might be familiar with

"It’s not the critic who counts."

We live in a world of critical theory, sophistry, and vain cynicism. We tend to forget that we have true duties to perform. Duties as citizens of a government on this earth that as...

Jan 8, 2022

Bishop James Ussher wrote "A Body of Divinity" in 1645, you may remember Ussher as the guy who calculated the approximate day of creation according to some incredible mathematical precision. 

Read this material over at The Daily Genevan

Jan 7, 2022

Let it be known, PBR had a creaky chair. They don’t make chairs like they used to anymore. 


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Stop working for the weekend

Book Recommendations:

The Masculine Mandate Richard D. Phillips

The Works of William Perkins Volume 10

Section on Vocation


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Can/should I take...