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Reformed Operator

Oct 31, 2020

Yea, you've heard this passage before. But not like this. 

Dave (our host) brings Pastor Ben (PBR) into the studio for some practical application and examination of Ephesians 6:10-20. 

Men spend too much time exposing weak points unnecessarily. Just begging to be struck down by the schemes of Satan. 

Are you better at handling balls than a Bible? That's a real problem.  Skip the stats on Sunday and set sermons from scripture as your standard. Check our Twitter for our suggested reading plan, and daily updates. We do McCheynne's reading plan. 

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: What do you do about the group that wants to hit the Strip Club on a work trip? Especially as a junior man in the military. 

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: What do you do when you find yourself in a situation where there's just a woman and you in an office at work? 

Our culture has a lot to say about value, but have you actually considered the cost?

Are you just waiting to be wounded in combat? Are you training for war? Your enemy is. What are you doing about it? 

Monergism Free Ebook: William Gurnall's "The Christian in Complete Armor"

Get it, and get over to our website for more resources and essays to help in your training. Because it's never over. 

PBR closes out the episode with a call to spiritual warfare, not a physical warfare. Our natural worship of God is simple. We're not looking for violence in the streets, rather, we're for men laying waste to satan's camp by simply dying to themselves in battle daily.

The battles are small, simple things (too often neglected with cowardice) like praying, leading your wife, daily setting aside time to study the word of God, repenting, sharing the gospel with neighbors and co-workers. A simple call to action; but it isn't easy. 

Get out of your comfort zone and pick up your cross. 

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