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Reformed Operator

Mar 22, 2021

Dave (our host) has special guest Pastor (and fellow Presbyterian) Michael Foster from “It’s Good to Be a Man” on the show to talk about men, gravitas, levity, LARPing Manhood, and whether or not you should make fun of the President.


Are you a clown who always angles for jokes and sees jokes as the "whole enchilada" rather than merely a sauce? Are you a self serious man who is unable to laugh or take a joke? Do you joke about the flesh too much? Do you mock authority? If you answered yes to any of these, you need this episode. Don't float away. Don't crush others as you implode. Learn the dance and save yourself from merely being a joke. 


Don't be a fool who returns regularly to his folly. Stop eating that proverbial vomit. Stop being a joke.  


A couple recent episodes from “It’s Good to Be a Man” generated some solid thoughts around our studio recently. Namely the Episodes


Don’t LARP Your Manhood


Are You a Serious Man?


Men have two ditches to fall into in the area of Gravitas and Levity. Gravely Serious or foolishly funny. It’s a dance, and people are complicated. But Michael covers some examples to help avoid the navel-gazing and foolishness that run rampant in a post-feminist Church culture.