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Reformed Operator

Jul 8, 2022

The Sluggard and the Ronin will not achieve mastery. Not in any meaningful sense of the word. 

Hard work under authority beats talent. 

Men are built to pursue mastery and competence. Yet for some reason many hide from responsibility/authority

The Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IFB)/Home Church/Militia guys all share the same problem. A disdain for outsiders and the magical ability to hate everyone outside of their very narrow tribe. 

We open with "If" followed by Eccl 11:4-6 and Matthew Henry's commentary on that text.

We also looked at Col 3:23-24, Deut 8:17, Prov 22:1, Prov 22:13, Prov 22:29

Hard Work beats Talent

"Gifting" as a sluggard's excuse for poor stewardship and performance

Everyone has the gift of time management, discipline, hard work,


Pitfalls/Excuses for failure.

What is a Ronin and why does it matter?

The Grind is good.

A few pro tips for when things get really hard

Memento Mori